Monday, July 13, 2009

Breakfast of a Champion [in the making!]

I'm so proud of myself for actually "cooking" today--and something real, not just a concoction!

After eating some of my mom's lactose-heavy pancakes yesterday and paying the price, I vowed to make my own today. I ended up deciding on French Toast to get some eggs too--and I like that breakfast specialty better anyways!

OMG-it's been so long since I've been out to eat, I forgot how much I love that stuff! wait, since when does getting things like french toast mean you must go out??!

Not anymore! This gal is learnin' to make some good foodz to go with all the fooding :-)

I also noted how good the sausage tasted with the toast and sweet toppings, not just on the side, which gave me an idea for a yummier breakfast even when I don't have time to "cook:" A sausage roll-up in bread, dipped in syrup!

Probably would have to chalk that one up to one of my notorious "disgusting food concoctions" but a long as I enjoy it, I don't care!

and I actually took photos! I can't figure out how to type between pictures, so I'll just publish and paste them here:

#1. At the start [yeah my photo editing sucks-I don't know how to rotate it!]

#2. Gotta have me some meat!

#3. Scrumdeliscious toppings!


Okie said...

Haha! You crack me up, girlie. :) You're on your way to becoming a gourmet chef, eh? I can't even make french toast! Hehe. Breakfast of champs for sure—it fits you perfectly. :)

Elizabeth said...

French toast for your first attempt at real cooking? Impressive! And sausage goes well with maple syrup. Woohoo! You're a chef in the making!

Anonymous said...

nice breakfast! and as for your post below, you don't suck :) i dunno what's up but try to hang in there.

Anonymous said...

yummy! I think sausage and syrup are strangely delicious. And I bet that meal was epic-ly delicious. More proof that anyone can cook - you just gotta put in the time and effort!